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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please Sign Up As A Follower

If you will take the time to notice the left-hand column of this page, you will see two areas in which the followers of my blog are listed.  The first major area lists those individuals who have signed up as followers through the Facebook networked blogs.  As I write this, there are 18 folks who have signed up as followers.  If you subscribe to Facebook but have never yet clicked on this area to become a follower, I respectfully ask you to do so.  This will help to immediately notify you when new articles are added to this blogspot, and will help to spread awareness of this site through the Networked blogs system.

The second area in this column offers you the opportunity to sign up as a Google Friend Connect follower.  As I write this, there are five listed followers.  Even if you have already signed up as a follower via the networked blogs followers process referred to above, I would appreciate it if you would also sign up as a Google Friend Connect follower.  This helps to spread awareness of this site through the Google network, and should bring more Internet traffic to this site. 

Your support of this effort will be greatly appreciated.